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Andy 60's Music: 60,000+ Monthly Views

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Chinese New Dog Year Pops 2018 中国新年的狗流行歌曲

Pop Songs With the Word Dog

My elder grandson was born in 2006 and will be twelve years young this year of the dog. Like him, most of us love dogs and appreciate this year's Chinese Almanac bow-wow and woof-woof zodiac sign. 

The Rooster has already left us after saying goodbye to the dog; so here's a tribute to man's best friend with a list below of songs about dogs and canine-related themes. There are hundreds of these songs but here's a short list of 33 which are from the 60's to the 80's. 

The exceptions include a tune from a classic Walt Disney cartoon called Lady and The Tramp (1955) and the other from a movie called, Rugrats in Paris (2000) with a song by Baha Men. Both are hilarious. I just could not leave these two songs out from our Doggie List.
Dog saying goodbye to Rooster during a solemn and respectful day at the farm.

From Little Red Rooster which I used last year to Walking The Dog this time around, The Rolling Stones has never failed to please as both songs are sung by them. I could not leave out the latter.

Here's the rest of my selection:

Dogs - Pink Floyd 
Hot Dog -  Elvis Presley
Hot Dog  - Led Zeppelin
Bird Dog - Everly Brothers

Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog - Johnny Cash
Diamond Dogs - David Bowie
Walking The Dog - The Rolling Stones

Lady And The Tramp - Dog Pound Scene from Susie Harrison.

The Dog - Otis Redding
Dog Eat Dog - The Toasters
Dogs In The Mid Winter - Jethro Tull
A Salty Dog - Procol Harum

Dogs of War - Pink Floyd
Payback Is A Dog - Stylistics
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
I Wanna Be Your Dog - Stooges

Walking The Dog: The Rolling Stones: They covered Little Red Rooster too

No Dogs Allowed - Jose Feliciano
I Love My Dog - Cat Stevens
Me And You And A Dog Name Boo - Lobo
Gonna Buy Me A Dog - Monkees

Dogs On The Run - 1985 - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Poor Dog Who Can't Wag His Tail - Little Richard
Dog Eat Dog -AC/DC
Sick As A Dog - Aerosmith

Hot Dog - Elvis Presley from movie Loving You. Video by 

The Dog Pound Song - Lady and The Tramp.
Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
Dogs On The Run - Tom Petty
Eat Your Dog - Bad Religion

Atomic Dog - George Clinton
Rain Dogs - To Waits
Mad Dog - Deep Purple
The Dog Breathes Variations - Frank Zappa

Who Let The Dog Out: Baha Men Video from

Any comment guys?

Images from Google and A Personal Collection.

2018 Chinese New Year of The Dog Get-Together @ Tan Soo Khoon's Mansion:
(Standing L-R): Dominic, Larry, JT, Soo Khoon, Andy, Henry, John.
(Sitting): Eddie, Mrs JT, Mrs Lai, Mrs Lim.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Blog Statistics: Chinese New Year Dog Zodiac 2018

Singapore Had Great Music Before Cliff Richard came:

A big thank you for reading my music blog. It has reached about 60,000 monthly readers today (20 February 2018) and I am glad to have interested some of you in our local music and its influence from around the world.

The 60's was huge for Singapore's music boys and girls. But please don't forget that we really didn't start from there. Way before that we had a lot of imported influence internationally. People from all over the globe visited our port to trade and bring in goods, services and of course, music. 

Many of us had radios that we listened to every day and night because we had neither television nor computers or even Rediffusion to entertain us. A few had 78 rpm records to play on their gramophone grinding machines. And the most famous dog of all famous dogs was listening to His Master's Voice on this machine.
The most famous music dog of all, HMV or His Master's Voice which started in England.

The three entertainment Worlds, The Great World at Kim Seng Road, The New World at Kitchener Road and The Happy World at Geylang Road brought in international entertainment that most Singaporeans in the 50's could enjoy. 

There were singers and musicians at these Worlds. The Happy and Great World cabarets had Chinese artistes, the Happy (Gay) World stadium had Xavier Cugat with Abbe Lane and Pasir Panjang's West Point had Filipino musicians. 
Xavier Cugat with wife Abbe Lane was in Singapore in the 50's.

The Flamingos combo band and the first vocal group ever to have cut a vinyl, The Crescendos, were already singing their lungs out. Singapore music came way back when, before Cliff Richard and The Shadows hit our trail. 

On the other hand, the vibrant music scene in some of our hotels, like the Raffles and Goodwood, the nightclubs, divas from our surrounding countries were already engaged at the microphones and stages to provide live entertainment, backed by some of the finest professional musicians around.

And so on.

 You can read these stories from this blog. Bits and pieces but all in place. 

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Article: A nostalgia trip.

Daily Page View (19 February 2018)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gong Xi, Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜) Composer Chen Gexin (陳歌辛) Happy Chinese New Doggie Year


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in 4 days. A record   

My Lunar New Year Posting 2018 

The Song:

Like the fun Christmas song, Jingle Bells and other festive oldies played during the season, Chinese New Year (CNY) welcoming Spring songs have fallen into the same collection of a totally commercialised cacophony of chorus vocals, digital keyboard music, clashing cymbals and gong sounds.  

As we usher in the Lunar New Year, the once warm and spirited melodies have now become part of the brash lion dances, red-coloured buntings, lanterns and pussy-willows we find everywhere. And the melodies are played non-stop for three or more weeks.

Like the common ang-pow*, collected during festive time, the song Gong Xi, Gong Xi like other CNY melodies, is just as common and sung extensively during the period with other ones. Sweet melodies have become a ruckus. And sometimes we cover our ears.

姚莉,姚敏 恭喜恭喜 Yao Li, Yao Min 'Congratulations Congratulations' by cdman88.

The Composer:

But here's the punch-line. Gong Xi, Gong Xi isn't a CNY song at all and if you know its origin perhaps you will appreciate this composition with more respect.

In Chinese, Gong Xi doesn't mean Happy New Year but Congratulations or a wish for your happiness and prosperity. It was composed after the second Sino-Japanese War in 1945 to celebrate and honour the freedom China achieved after their victory over Japan.

Famed and accomplished Chen Gexin who introduced Rose, Rose I Love

YouShanghai Nights and The Blossom of Youth to the world, penned Gong Xi, Gong Xi and composed the music in Shanghai in 1945 with much patriotism and fervour. 

During the war and Japanese Occupation, he had been jailed and tortured for writing such songs. Because of his imprisonment, this particular melody was written in a minor key which, according to many musicians, gives the tune a melancholic edge, a tinge of desolation. 

Composer Chen Gexin. (陳歌辛)
The Singers:

But famous Shanghai diva Yao Li, one of the seven respected divas in pre-war China, recorded it with her brother Yao Min and gave it the sparkle. This version doesn't carry the joy and merriment like later versions do but rather a quiet celebration of achievement and freedom (YouTube video). The words echo the sentiments:

After much difficulty

Experiencing so much discipline
How many hearts are looking forward
To the news of Spring
Congratulations (X6).

I had learnt it from my mother but in tune only with its easy refrain. She was a gentle lady who also taught me other Chinese goldies, especially the ones composed from the 1940's and earlier.

Appreciate the song when you hear it now. And don't take CNY for granted.

A Happy Lunar New Year to all.

Yao Li (姚莉)

The Language

Chinese script


Gong Xi Gong Xi. (恭喜恭喜)
Rose, Rose I Love You (玫瑰玫瑰我愛你), 
Shanghai Nights (夜上海) 
The Blossom of Youth (花樣年華)


Chen Gexin. (陳歌辛)


Yao Li (姚莉)
Yao Min (姚敏)

*ang-pow (red-packets with cash).
'Rose, Rose I Love You' composed
by Chen Gexin. (陳歌辛)
This article is an original post and information is derived from my own background and from the Internet.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Funny Valentine: Alice Fredenham New Love?

Alice Fredenham, Matt Dusk, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Striesand, Chet Baker.

Another Valentine's Day Posting 2018: 

The Song:

Strange that this popular jazz standard is relatively unknown in our part of the world. Ask anyone to sing Fly Me To The Moon and the person will immediately hum or sing the tune. Similarly, with other familiar ones like Summertime, The Lady Is A Tramp or even Misty. Known factors.

But ask about My Funny Valentine and the response, "Yes, I've heard of it but I don't know the tune." Even our local 60's music pop stars today never batted an eyelid when I mentioned the title. The only people familiar are the jazz musicians around. 

The 600 Plus Covers:

The song, written by composer Richard Rogers and lyricist Lorenz Hart, has been sung by more than 600 artistes and recorded on 1,300 plus albums. It was one of the show tunes for Babes In Arms, a musical that appeared in 1937. I wasn't even born then and those babes in arms who know the song are probably gone by now.

Sarah Vaughn, Linda Ronstadt, Kim Novak are favourites that can carry the song well.

Since hundreds of artistes have put the song on vinyl, lovers of this tune have a wide choice. I love two covers, one is an earlier recording by Sarah Vaughn and the other by Linda Rondstadt in 1986. But Frank Sinatra's classic, Pal Joey recorded lovely Kim Novak (she resembles Charlize Theron) singing it. 

Others who covered it, sometimes for a performance only, included Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Chaka Khan, Sting, Boy George, TC Carson, Angela McClusky, Lubelle Rose, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anita Baker, Nancy Wilson, Carly Simon, Bjork, Etta James, Melinda DoLittle, Ann Hampton Callaway, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble and many more.
The Latest Version:
Lately, in 2013, an unknown, bashful, tearful singer called Alice Fredenham (You could sing the phonebook, says Simon Cowell) gave a beautiful rendition. With 43 million viewers on YouTube, she became an overnight sensation but not without controversy because a media has mentioned she appeared in another show different - like she has had a make-under. Ah, my funny Valentine. 😉

 Britain's Got Talent Recording: My Funny Valentine by Alice Fredenham.

For me, I am taking the above video as it is because at last, a song so delectably charming is rendered so truthfully, by a lady so breathtakingly beautiful. 

My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine 
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art...

A Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers. 💖

Article: Andy Lim Copyrights Reserved.
Images of vinyl covers from Google.
Information from the Internet.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Wedding: A John Cher Exclusive 💖

Mr and Mrs John Cher walking down the aisle during their wedding in 1977.

This  post   has
1,300+ viewers
since published.

This posting is a Valentine's Day Special 💖💝💘

There are more than 300 'likes' on Mr *John Cher's Facebook page when he posted his wedding pictures with beautiful Betsy.  The couple looks so refreshingly charming and I asked if he could write his experience for this blog.  As usual, he obliged.

Thanks again John and Betsy. And a Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary to both.

The Wedding (La Novia) by Julie Rogers. Video from Chen Daniel.

In  1969  I went to McGRAW-HILL F.E.P. for the first time for a job interview.  This 19-year-old simpleton from U.S.A. (Upper Serangoon Area) was completely blown away by the size of this factory/office.  

The landscaped garden in the centre of the complex complete with cascades, fish ponds and the works looked exactly like a 5-star hotel. I got the job!  What I didn't know then was that within the parameters of this beautiful gigantic workplace with hundreds of employees, was my future wife!

She was introduced to me by a mutual colleague.  On our first date, my colleague with his girlfriend and us went for a movie at The Capitol.  After that was supper at Albert Street.  Together with taxi fares,  I went without lunch the following week!  Be that as it may, after this initial outing, the dates became weekly, graduating to any day also can...

After 4 or 5 years, it was time for wedding plans. I was honestly quite horrified by the thought of meeting her mother whose facial features never fail to remind me of bulldogs!  That was not the only issue.  My friends, who were all older as well as married guys, kept telling me that I was still young and should wait a few more years.

The 3 RINGS.

I am sure with the best of intentions,  in various ways they kept telling me about the 3 rings!  These are nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings.  They are  1)  The Engagement RING,   2) The Wedding RING and 3rd) The SufferRING!   Well, love knows no boundaries and on 5th February 1977, Betsy and I were married at The Church of the Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary. 

On our wedding morning, would you believe the make-up girl was no way to be found at the appointed time?  All hell broke loose and I was right in the firing line as she was proposed by me!   In an instant, I understood what my friends meant by The 3rd Ring !!!  And we were not even officially married yet!
God in His infinite wisdom wanted man and woman to be married and multiply.  By His grace, everything went on smoothly for the rest of the day and night.  The wedding dinner was pretty good (that's what everyone told me and I took it at face value).  My only regret was that there was no band to provide music.  Should have known The Silver Strings then!

We went to The Philippines for our honeymoon.  When we arrived at the Silahis Hotel (In later years THE PLAYBOY CLUB was at this hotel) we were really hungry and so-called room service for a dozen sandwiches.  

Baby Face by Bobby Darin. Video from:

I think it took about an hour and then finally the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door I nearly fainted.  There were 3 waiters with 2 carts with 12 beautiful trays of sandwiches !!  It cost about S$150.  That was 41 years ago!  And $150 could have been dinner for about 10 people.  OMG!!!

Thanks Andy for asking me to share my wedding story.

BTW  those who are planning to get married, please don't be unduly concerned, for the benefits and fun far exceed the third "Ring".

Cheers everyone!
Through the years with Mr and Mrs John Cher from the U.S.A. (Upper Serangoon Area).😉

*John is happily retired and plays the drums with The Silver Strings. He has a very popular Facebook account that draws hundreds of readers. You can also check him out under Labels below and read his many articles on this blog.

Images and Article: A John Cher Collection (Copyrights Reserved).
Sihali's Hotel from

Silahis Hotel in Manila Philippines, where the couple stayed for their honeymoon.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Valentine Day: Love Songs, Wishes, Messages

Your short-cut:

The Valentine connection through the years. Check it out. Just scroll down and read about one dozen stories, articles and love songs about 14th February since 2010.



Image: Google.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

齊豫 Qi Yu: 橄欖樹 Ganlan Shu Interpretation

A Lunar New Year ang-pow to all. A lovely Chinese pop-classic that tells much.

It's a yearly affair where more than 200 million Chinese travel home to their various provinces in mainland China by plane, sea, train, road or on foot, to make sure they are present for the Chinese Lunar New Year family dinner. 

It is a huge exodus. Some news media call it the largest human migration ever that happens yearly in a country of 1.412 billion people. 

There are many reasons why they leave their hometown. Many of them leave to work in the city while some go away as students to study in another province or country. Then there are those who travel far and wide for their own personal reason. Some love to travel and explore the world while others have businesses abroad. But most of them come home for their new year family gathering.

Similarly in Malaysia and Singapore. There's a mini-exodus here when Malaysians working on our island return to their homeland and vice-versa. Buses, taxis, cars, motorcycles, trucks fill the Johore Causeway days before Chinese New Year, resulting in huge jams and heave traffic.
The theme of being away and to "wander so far", reminds me of this Chinese song by well-known Qi Yu who is a Taiwanese singer, best known for her lovely and melodious rendition of Olive Tree written by her composer/songwriter mentor in 1979. Qi Yu covers English songs too; she is just as popular in Singapore and was here in 2014 for a performance.

I heard this song when I was eating in a Chinese restaurant alone in Winnipeg Canada in the 80's. The music came from the owner's kitchen. The old gentleman came out and explained to me in perfect English what it meant. It's another form of migration, to another country but, never going back home. Which was what he and his family did.

Somehow the haunting melody connected, especially when I was sitting by myself in that empty restaurant (it was cold Winter and no student could afford meals in these places). I was giving myself a treat when the song came on and the thought of being a refugee never came to mind. It was the first time I heard it and I was thousands of miles away from home...

齊豫 Qi Yu (橄欖樹 Ganlan Shu) Video provided by Rock Records. Thank you.

Mandarin Lyrics:

橄欖樹 Ganlan Shu
李泰祥 Li Taixiang: Music
(三毛) San Mao:Lyrics

不要問我從哪裡來  我的故鄉在遠方 為什麼流浪 流浪遠方 流浪 為了天空飛翔的小鳥  為了山間輕流的小溪 為了寬闊的草原 流浪遠方 流浪 還有還有 為了夢中的橄欖樹橄欖樹 不要問我從哪裡來 我的故鄉在遠方 為什麼流浪 為什麼流浪 遠方 不要問我從哪裡來  我的故鄉在遠方 為什麼流浪 流浪遠方  流浪為了我 夢中的橄欖樹
The olive tree: Screenshot from zzenzero: YouTube 17.08.2017.
English Lyrics

Olive Tree

Don't ask where I have come 
My home is far far away
Why do you wander so far 
Wander so far, wander so far?

For the birds in the sky 
For the clear mountain streams
For the grasslands green and wide
I wander, wander so far

Then is there more?
Yes for the olive tree in my dream
Far far away
For the olive tree of my dream
Far far away.

Enjoy your 2018 doggie Lunar New Year everyone.
According to zzenzero (youtube 2013), the song is from a 1979 movie, Your Smiling Face and written by a lady San Mao. It was interpreted as a song about refugees and a person's wandering ways.

The singer herself explained that Olive Tree represented an ideal but that if this ideal was unattainable then one needed to let it go, or the person became the Olive Tree and vice versa. Never pursue or look for it.

Images: Google. 
YouTube: Acknowledged.